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Restoring a RV, need help.

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Don Stolier

RVF Newbee
Apr 4, 2024
Hello ... I'm confused. I'm a retired USAF engineer now located in Phoenix, AZ. I am temporarily staying at the Desert Peak Care Center. In their facility BUT my HRC motor home is around the corner at my friends machine shop. I am restoring the RV and replacing broken/damaged parts as needed. Also doing lots of cosmetic updates too. So, I decided to REGISTER with you folks and "get up to speed" on RV's and camping. This is my FIRST RV home and I am doing all I can to get it looking and working great. It IS a 1987 AlumnaLite Presidential Imperial . It rides great and has all the luxuries to make it comfortable too.... A/C, vacuum system, dish washer, etc. I need to update the guides, manuals, forms, etc. I DO have the registration and several other forms too But NOT enough to give me a complete picture of the unit. The manual DOES HAVE the motorhome and chassis S/n's
The Motorhome S/N is: 87119553360492 and the Chassis # is: 1GBKP37W463332150 whew! hope I read them right!.
Anyway, can I order books, more guides, schematics, etc. from you folks? I am a degreed electrical engineer with a minor in computer science. I have test equipment and meters, etc. so I could most likely do most of the work myself. So, on with the story. Do I try to contact tothers here or another facility. I think I will be able to find the registration with the weights, etc. this weekend. Do I pay fees, etc. for the registration duties? Thank You [email protected]

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