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Sungold LFP LP inverter/charger not charging batteries thru Cummins Onan RV Generator

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Kevin and Friends, I took your advice today and checked the transfer switch. The shore to shore, gene to gene, panel to panel, all neg and pos in the correct position as per the box. The inverter/charger has one 120-volt input and one 120-volt output. It appears that 120AC is passed from the transfer switch to the panel and directly to the inverter. There is no circuit breaker in the panel for the inverter. The inverter has its own input and output circuit breaker. As I have said, the AC and micro will work on either shore or gene power. The charger only works on shore and not the gene. That is the issue here. Yes, this is still a 2014 MB Road Trek SS agile from previous posts, and all the solar was installed by Road Trek. I upgraded to a MPPT controller and battery monitor. I have also checked the three 100-watt panels and they are functioning correctly. IMHO I believe the issue is the inverter/charger. I have been in contact with Sun Gold through several emails and so far they have not resolved this issue. I posted this here hoping someone else had or has the same issues, Thank All!
Hello All, I have to admit that Kevin was correct. After beating my head on the wall, I broke down and had Gerber RV in Hackensack, NJ review the issue. Plain and simple: The transfer switch was wired incorrectly. It is unknown how that happened. I did open it up and found a loose connection but that fixed nothing. I do not know if the prior owner had someone work on this issue or if it came from Roadtrek like that. I suspect the owner had someone work on it because when I bought it, it did not have AGM batteries which Roadtrek said is a must. Thanks to all and especially Kevin

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