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Update of my website 'the magic of building your own camper'

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Eddy Lammens

RVF Regular
Dec 26, 2021
The Netherlands, Vorchten
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Campervan, Fiat Ducato L2H2
RV Length
540 cm
After driving 20,000 km it is time for an update of the website . After every long journey I make a list of things I want to change and then I adapt it in my website. Also some comments of readers may result in adaptations both of the text as well as the pictures. I mention the most important points on my list:

  • Electricity: I replaced an unreliable 100ah fuse by a 100ah oscillation main switch. Picture replaced -
  • Saws: in order to make small cuts and slots I used a (Bosch) multitool, which makes these operations relatively easy. I included the picture in the page tools:
  • Provisional shower: I installed in the toilet room a shower head and tap with a long hose to use both inside and outside. Washing my hair and a short shower outside when it is very warm. New pictures are included. I also made a new shelf
  • Venting the dirty water tank: I made a 5mm hole in the lit of the dirty water tank and connected a 5mm hose with it to the outside. It was necessary because the gooseneck drain of the sink prevents the venting and eventually the air pressure builds up and prevents the water passing the hose of the sink.
  • Fixing the back cushion: to prevent the back cushion to fall down continuously I fixed it with Velcro strap:
  • Food drawer underneath the bed: in the open area underneath the bed I made a drawer, which can be used to store boxes with food storage and which I can pull towards me if necessary. During driving the drawer is fixed with bayonet closures. By recesses in the drawers and 2 cords the boxes are immobilized.
  • Replacing pictures: the pictures of the end result have been replaced and further I removed the page ‘adaptation’ as the subpages have put in the concerned pages.
  • Rubber edges cupboards: at last I provided the edges of the cupboards with a rubber rectangular strip to make it more beautiful, but also to release the pain when bumping to the edges.

Thanks for the earlier comments and looking forward to new comments.

With kind regards

Well, here is one RVer who will not be complaining about the quality of the build.:ROFLMAO:

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