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Virtual Monitors in the RV.

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Mar 12, 2023
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Custom DIY Roamer
F550 on Liquid Spring with 42" offroad tires.
7.3 Godzilla.
I work from home on a couple of 43" 4K screens. They are great productivity tools. When in the camper, productivity definitely suffers due to the limitations of my laptops' monitors and the lack of screen real estate. This past year I've mitigated the issue a bit by adding a second portable USB-C screen but it is still lacking. I've connected to the RV's televisions but they don't offer the quality of image that I need or the ergonomics desired. I've been on the fence about just going ahead and installing some large 4K screens in my various work locations in the RV...

The other day while taking some measurements to fit another screen I had a thought: are there virtual screen options that are worth while yet?
I've played with VR stuff in the past but I find it fatiguing. Perhaps something in AR that isn't as cumbersome?

After doing some homework I ordered a set of Nreal Air AR glasses. In combination with their Nebula software it is supposed to give the ability to have 3 large virtual screens with my macbook pro.

Their marketing images:

The glasses are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm really hoping they work well as they'll make working from the road much easier & productive without having to install large screens all over the RV. Has anyone tried these or another AR/VR solution that they like?

Would love to hear how others are getting more screen real estate when on the road.

It all depends on your RV office setup. At one time I pulled the jackknife sofa and installed a desk with a dual 32/27" monitor setup. Perfect office but I hated removing the social from my coach. Now I work from the dinette and am afraid I may hyperventilate if I don't take my external monitor but next trip may try laptop only. I always take one external monitor and I'm usually fine.

I have the HP reverb G2 for flight sims and couldn't imagine doing any work with it. Let me know how it goes.

I tried the TV option once but resolution was too low.
I was really hoping....

Nreal Airs now have the ability to hook to apple silicon Macbook Pros and become 3 large virtual screens.
I was really hoping this would be my solution for working on the road - the defined functionality is my exact goal.

So I bought a pair to try out.


Have you ever been to the optometrist where they put those lenses in front of your face?
Now imagine trying to using a computer, looking through a toilet paper roll, with one of those optometrist lenses in the tube.

That's what the experience is like for me.

The functionality is exactly what I want. There are 3 large screens in AR I can center-lock where I want.
I can resize the screens.
I can move the screens further or closer.
All of that is awesome!

The issue for me is two fold:

1) Field of View: For me to zoom in enough to comfortably read text means I have no peripheral vision (the looking at a screen through a toilet paper tube analogy). It is borderline whether I can read a screen when zoomed out enough to see the entire screen at once, and there is no chance of reading text when zoomed out to see all 3 screens. Due to the reduced field of vision, I have to move my head a lot to move my eyes around the screens only being able to see a section at a time (zero peripheral vision).
2) Resolution: the 1080 screens are not a high enough resolution. If the screens were higher resolution then it would mitigate issue 1 as I'd be able to zoom out more and still read text - and have more filed of view.

These are being returned.
Meanwhile, I'll eagerly await the next generation 🍿
I am in the same boat. since my trailer is now my home for the foreseeable future, I need a work space.

I pulled out the jackknife sofa and the u-dinette set, no use for either. Where the sofa was I installed a 70" x 35" desk with 4 27" monitors attached to dual monitor arms. finishing up the install this weekend. I will be powering the work area with an ecoflow delta pro with 2 batteries (7200 wH).

desk is bolted to the floor and the arms are bolted to the desk.

don't expect to be moving the trailer for a minute so I will address traveling at a later time, likely have to dismount the screens, pack and store them to prevent damage when the trailer is in motion.

as for the u-dinette which is in the slide out, I replaced it with a reclining chair and am building a small kennel/doghouse with a cat tree on top for my fur kids to have a hang out, as well as a storage space for my ecoflow and its spare battery