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WiFiRanger releases new firmware update

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Inactive Commercial Member
Sep 28, 2021
WiFiRanger has released a new firmware update, version 7.1.0b12, which is now available to most WiFiRanger owners at no cost. The update includes a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

It also includes a new feature which allows the user to disable the data link between a Ranger router and the WiFiRanger servers. A fundamental aspect of WiFiRanger’s design philosophy for more than a decade has been the ability to support its products through a cloud-based link to WiFiRanger’s servers. This link provides for notifications of firmware updates, downloading of those updates and it supports remote diagnostics of customer routers when needed by WiFiRanger support staff.

Although most customers have appreciated the benefits afforded by this capability, some have asked us to provide an ability to disable it. Therefore, WiFiRanger has implemented a feature which allows customers to disable this remote access. The purpose of this notice is to provide customers with information about how to implement this feature.

However, anyone contemplating using this new feature should understand that their Ranger will no longer automatically indicate the presence of firmware updates as long as it enabled. Nor will you be able to download any such updates until you reverse your actions and re-enable Remote Assistance.

Also, the WiFiRanger Customer Service team will not be able to perform many diagnostic functions in the event of a problem with your Ranger. If you have a problem with your Ranger, please re-enable Remote Support before contacting Customer Service.

In addition, a number of cloud-based WiFiRanger features such as SafeSurf and Configuration Backup will not be functional when Remote Assistance has been disabled.
Great news!
Where do I find my Network password for WIRanger?

I look at WI Networks that are available. I see WIFIranger, click on it and it asks for password.

I presume WIFIranger extends the range of your WIFI setup correct. I have no book or instructions that came with it.

I have the white box in overhead with the red lights lit. I use a Verizon Jetpack for my wifi needs. Will WIFI ranger extend the wifi capabilities of my jetpack? What exactly or how is it used?

Here's a link to the comprehensive user guide: https://wifiranger.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/WFR-User-Manual-b12.pdf

All WiFi Ranger routers can be used as WiFi repeater/amplifiers. Some Rangers also have cellular modems so they can be used as cellular hotspots. If you can provide me the 6-digit ID number of your Ranger I can look it up in our database and tell you precisely what it is capable of. The ID may be on a sticker on the outside of the rooftop box. It is also in the upper right corner of every page of the Ranger's control panel, if you connect to it.

As for your question, connecting a Jetpack to a Ranger, either by WiFi or USB tether (for indoor models only) will rebroadcast the hotspot's WiFi over a wide area. However, it has no effect on the Jetpack's cellular performance.
Thank you for your reply. I will have to study up on it.

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