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Winterize question

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RVF Newbee
Nov 13, 2023
This will be my first year winterizing my toyhauler and I would like some suggestions/feedback on the best method. Some people say using the pump and hook up to the fresh water line to pump antifreeze is good enough. However, others say to bypass the water pump line, and use the pump to push antifreeze through the lines.
What do you recommend and please elaborate the rationale on your recommendation?

Thank you all
I start by removing the water heater drain plug (be sure to have opened a faucet to reduce the line pressure). I then place the hot water supply lines into the bypass mode. This is to prevent the final step from filling the heater with anti-freeze. I leave out the drain plug until it's time to de-winterize. I do this to allow anything in the heater to drain.

I then connect an air compressor to the water inlet connection port that has the regulator turned down to 40-50PSI. I blow out all the water from each and every outlet. Remembering the icemaker, the clothes washer and dishwasher, if equipped. I do this to reduce the dilution of the anti-freeze from the last step.

The last step is to get the anti-freeze. (which by-the-way does freeze, it just doesn't expand when frozen) I pump this through the supplied uptake tubing that circulates the anti-freeze by way of the pump. I go to each and every outlet that I blew water out of and open the faucet until I get the colored fluid coming out. Close and move to the next one. Hot AND cold faucets. I do this as a belt and suspenders approach. At first I only did the blow, but over the winter months I got to worrying, so now it's cheap insurance to use anti-freeze that has not been diluted by the water in the system.

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