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1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport Toad package.

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This listing is closed.
For Sale
Our Toad is a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport which we towed it behind a Winnebago View (class C). It is complete with everything needed to hook up and go. It is wired with a 7 pin connector in front and a dedicated 12V plug in the cockpit to power the included brake unit from the motorhome so no battery drain on the Jeep battery. Includes: a RVi 2 Brake System with remote monitoring and control from your rig, a Demco Commander self aligning tow bar, Power cord with 7 pin connectors on each end, A Rock Tamer mud flap system, which in my experience is far superior to the screens that cover the top of the tow bar, A roof rack system on top of the Jeep, a Rhino Rack T-Load kayak/canoe/long load accessory to compliment the rook rack, this attaches to the 2 inch trailer hitch on the Jeep. We used this set up to carry a 12 foot folding boat. The front of the Jeep is further protected by a LE Bra front end mask (bra).

The Rock Tamer system is attached to the tow bar so when you remove the tow bar the Rock Tamer comes with it so nothing is permanently attached to the motorhome.

The Jeep is tan over green with Tan interior. It has the 4.0L engine with 81K miles. It was purchased from the original owner in Livermore CA. It was a daily commuter with no history of off road use. It is bone stock without modification. It has been a summer use only vehicle since purchase and never exposed to salty roads. It is exceptionally clean and well cared for. The back seat has been removed but is included.

As to the brake unit; I failed to get a picture of it installed. It simply is placed in the drivers footwell. it has an arm with a quick attach/detach claw that grabs the brake pedal. Plug the unit into the dedicated 12V plug. There is a wire antennae that you drape over the rearview mirror. Plug into the motorhome and the unit powers up. Take the remote monitoring unit to the motorhome and plug into 12V plug. You now can view how the unit is working and change setting while underway if necessary. The remote is an accessory that isn't needed to set up and adjust the brake unit. This unit has been very satisfactory and is light and compact compared to other units we considered.

I am the original owner and purchaser of everything in this package and have all of the original owners manuals and literature. I also have a factory repair manual for the Jeep.

My preference is the sell this rig to another RV'er. It is a package deal with no intent to sell any components individually. The price of 11K is firm and I believe quite fair. It is an ideal toad in my humble opinion. I'm happy to answer any questions.


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