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2006 Dynamax 25ft. Lithium, solar, slide, leveling jacks, the works! $54,500

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For Sale
Located in Hayward, CA. If you're looking for a Dynamax, I don't need to tell you that they're simply the highest quality Class B/C motorhomes around, especially the pre-Forest River era before 2009.What does that mean in practice? Solid wood cabinets, high quality fiberglass skin, aluminum frame, full body paint, and built to last build quality. This isn't a vinyl walled, particle board We've had our Dynamax Isata 250 for 8 years, and simply love it. It has just about every feature under the sun that's possible to fit in a 25ft length. New or used, there is simply no other RV that includes in a 25ft long and 11ft high package:- Large slide-out- Hydraulic push-button leveling jacks- Full bath with real shower- 80W solar panel- 4KW generator- 200AH Lithium batteries- 2KW inverter- 5000lb towing capacity with included tow bar setupWe've had some great trips with the Dynamax, and its perfect for everything from small National Park Campgrounds to cross country road trips. It has a beefy tow hitch that's tied into the frame, a brake controller, and a 1 year old Blue Ox heavy duty tow bar. This truly is Class A amenities in 25ft Class B outside dimensions. The unit has small nicks typical of its age and a couple of marks on the rear bumper, but its overall condition is a testament to Dynamax's being made to last decades, not get traded in for another RV in 3 years.





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