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  • Friendliest RV community on the web
  1. Genuine RV Repair

    Genuine RV Repair

    Genuine RV is your local RV Repair Shop offering In shop and mobile service by appointment. We take pride in our ability to offer short wait times on appointments in these challenging times. Give us a call ! We are looking forward to being your permanent solution and can’t wait to speak to you...
  2. R

    2003 Keystone Everest 213M question

    I just purchased my first RV and am having problems finding the furnace. Can anyone tell me where it is located? I have done extensive research and it isn’t under the refrigerator. If anyone knows....please help.
  3. B

    Furnace Only Warm?

    It's currently -22F here(ya i know, i'm crazy), and I'm having some serious heating issues, my furnace fan is coming on, and it's lighting, I can hear it, and see the flame if I look. The issue I'm having is that the air coming out of the vents is luke warm, AT BEST! The air coming from the...
  4. S

    How to Remove Furnace For Good

    We live in a 2007 Terry Travel Trailer with an Atwood Furnace. We have decided to remove our furnace for good and use a different way to heat our travel trailer, however when I unplug a particular wiring harness to start removing the furnace the a/c turns off. How can I remove our furnace...
  5. B

    Problem Furnace motor will not turn on...?!

    So I live on a farm, and have opted to live in a camper trailer behind the barn. All I know is that it’s branded Terry by the door. For a few weeks the furnace has been squealing and grinding something fierce no matter how much WD-40 I put on it. I came home from work this evening and the...
  6. Akdare

    Atwood Furnace Manual 2019-11-16

    Atwood gas furnace manual