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Problem Furnace motor will not turn on...?!

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Jan 24, 2020
So I live on a farm, and have opted to live in a camper trailer behind the barn. All I know is that it’s branded Terry by the door. For a few weeks the furnace has been squealing and grinding something fierce no matter how much WD-40 I put on it. I came home from work this evening and the furnace would not kick on. I went out and the motor had a red and white button I never seen before pop out, so I pushed it back in and the furnace turned on. After it heated up, it turned off... when I noticed it wasn’t turning on again, I went back out to see the button popped again. I pushed it in, then turned the thermostat on high and it will absolutely not turn on. Here is a photo of the motor and the black box is where the button was popped... any idea what’s going on with this and how to even temporarily fix it?
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It is obvious the blower either has it's bearings shut (worn out and squealing), or the blower rotor is scraping the housing. That causes the motor to overload and pops the breaker, which saves you from starting a fire. Keep pushing in the breaker, will not fix the problem. You will have to replace the blower.
Also with the blower off, the furnace is not getting air to cary the heat out, so the temp. sensor shuts the burner, to prevent another source of fire.
Get someone that knows what he is doing to look at it, before you burn down the trailer or worse. Me thinks:unsure:

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