1. M

    Table support is coming up short!

    For easter, we needed to extend our table and pull down the support leg. This was the first time we'd ever needed to use the table leafs and support leg and we didn't check this at the factory but when we pulled down the support leg, it was 9/16" too short - just over a half inch! For easter...
  2. M

    Replacing Convection Oven w/ Range Hood - bad idea?

    Alright, so we actually tried to handle this in our specials because we knew it would be a problem but Newmar denied us. Our issue is the convection microwave. Specifically, it’s location directly above the cooktop. We hate it there. It gives us no visibility into the cooktop. I’m 5’10 and DW is...
  3. Neal

    MOD Adding a home office setup to my motorhome

    I run a software business and I got into RVing (on impulse) when I realized I could work from anywhere with an Internet connection. I miss the travels from my Air Force days and there is so much more to see than office and home and repeat. I tried for nearly two years to work from the dinette in...