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  1. G

    Propane Heater not heating to set temp?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post so I apologize if there is any criteria I missed. I have been searching around for a little and I cannot find anything to really help me out. The wife and I left for a winter getaway from our full time RV set up in Montana. While we were gone the Propane...
  2. G

    Horizontal Propane Tank Valve Availability

    I have a 1994 Alpenlite 29RK with two 30 lb. horizontal propane tanks. I went to have one of those tanks refilled today and realized that it was due for recertification. The attendant said the valve was leaking, and they have not been able to locate any replacement valves for a couple of...
  3. Full timers selling some accessories

    Full timers selling some accessories

    We were owners of a Grand Design 22MLE and full timing. Now a medical issue has rerouted our path. I am a member over at GD Owners Forum with the same screen name. I have a few accessories for sale shipping from North Houston, New Caney TX. Andersen weight distribution hitch with anti-sway...
  4. Honda eu2200i and Companion- TWO UNITS!

    Honda eu2200i and Companion- TWO UNITS!

    Includes LP Conversion and hook-ups for Parallel operation. Primary has less than 5 hours and Companion has only been run to be sure it does- less than 1 hour. Neither have ever had gasoline in them- propane only. Includes hoses, parallel cable, plus plastic storage bins for all. Bought these...
  5. S

    Propane regulator changeout

    Hi all. I have a 2014 Forest River Sunseeker that's currently running a Cavagna 524as 2-stage regulator. Does it matter what I replace this with, so long as it's 2 stage? Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  6. bowersrd

    Propane Tank Inspections

    Last month I purchased a 2008 Class A and have stopped at a Love's and a Tractor Supply and both times the propane handler looked for a DOT inspection sticker and stated I must have had one within 10 years. I have a 50 gallon tank manufactured in 2007, but it does not list a DOT number. I...
  7. M

    Get rid of propane

    I have a 2017 forest river wildwood 28DBUD This might sound weird, but I want to get rid of my travel trailer’s propane tanks and just use an electric hot plate. The only other thing propane offers is running the fridge when there is no electric, but I don’t plan to ever be away from...
  8. M

    Hey All Electric Owners with Propane Firepits

    Hey All Electric owners that carry a propane firepit, what kind of propane tank are you carrying? We haven’t invested in a firepit yey, usually using the campground provided fire ring when available but there have been a bunch of times when I wanted a fire, but there was no fire ring. I myself...