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rv newbie

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  1. M

    New RV ers,

    Hello. We are Annette and Michael. We started our adventure with our RV a month ago. I my do Magic and Illusions shows. I thought about doing magic at our park or other parks in our area. But not sure if they or other parks would be interested in having shows performed. Any thoughts on this ...
  2. M

    New Convert to RV Life!

    Okay, full disclosure: I don't own an RV.....yet! I am going to be buying mine this year in late September or early October. Just doing research and getting my ducks in a row in the meantime. I am fortunate to have several family members who are veteran RV'ers and have been providing me with...
  3. R

    Ready to take the RV plunge but need your wisdom

    Hello, my name is Rob. Me and my partner Jesse of 25 years currently live in a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house in Ohio with our doggies and a parrot. We feel so alone here in this big house with no kids and empty bedrooms and have been talking about RVing for several years now. We even have 40k in a...
  4. T

    Question Hi, I am completely clueless regarding RVs and RV life, and have a few questions...

    Hi A couple of years ago the IT position I had for 12 years was sent offshore and our company closed. There were no other jobs, before long we were forced to move to a tiny apartment in upstate NY, Me, My Wife, Son, and three cats. We were stuck on welfare with no job opportunities. My father...
  5. S

    New member.

    Hey everyone my tag is ssmotorman I’m from Pittsburgh just bought a 2014 Coachman 29QB , So far really loving it.