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  1. M

    MOD Moar (Vinyl) Floor - Removing the carpet in a 2020 Newmar Ventana

    A while back, I'd posted on someone else's thread about my plan to remove the carpet from our slide rooms and in order to get a perfect match, scan my spare floor tiles, organize them into a staggered layout in photoshop and then send that design off to be printed onto a sheet of vinyl flooring...
  2. D

    02 jay manual slide doesn't work

    I recently acquired a 2002 31 by jay flight from my cousin with a manual slide. He had stated the the slide was stuck out, I was able to make it retract, however it seems like the hand crank lever isn't engaging the the gears for the slide. I've owned a lot of campers , but never a manual crank...
  3. Neal

    Newmar Slide Motor Torque TSB 2015-2017

    Newmar TSB on slide motor torque for 2015-2017 Motorhomes