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  1. Black Series Hq21

    Black Series Hq21

    Hello My name is Rick Carrasco I am the manufacture sales rep, Please contact me with any questions I would love to respond and fulfill any you may have. Rick Carrasco | Manufacture Sales Rep Black Series Campers, Inc. 19501 E. Walnut Dr. South City of Industry, California 91748...
  2. O

    Eco-trek questions

    Hi! New members here— we are carefully considering the purchase of a 2015 e- trek, or Eco trek ( I’ve seen it both ways) with the solar PV unit. We wondered if any current or former members have pointers for what to look out for when looking at this model. Thanks so much!
  3. T

    Solar Panel/Power controller question

    Hello all, New member and new to Class A RV’s. We have a 2022 Coachmen Mirada 315ks and it has a 100w Solar panel on top of the rig but no Solar panel controller. Do we need to purchase the controller in order for it to charge the house batteries?
  4. J

    Is my RV really Solar READY

    Sorry if this is has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in the forums. I recently purchased a 2017 Keystone Hideout. There is a little plug on the front of the RV next to a sticker that says "Solar Ready." Does that mean I can just buy a panel and plug it into that little plug? It...
  5. R

    Recommendations Sought - Solar Install Atop Van Roof (West)

    Hi RVers. I'm a vanlifer yet on the vanlife forums I'm having no luck finding a solution so perhaps someone here can help. I'm around CA, NV, AZ, UT, areas. Willing to go to other nearby areas too. If any of you have recommendations for a business that will install solar atop a van roof, please...