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  1. forty_caliber

    Solar ready Freelander (Expedition Package)

    My RV came with the so called Expedition Package from the factory. There are connectors on the side and on the roof. My issue surrounds finding the "other" end of the wire. Where in the heck do they terminate so I can use them. Not in the battery box, not behind the refrigerator where...
  2. T

    Adding Wind Generator to 12V Solar

    We have a 300 watt solar system with solar controller connected a single 12 volt house Battery , we would like to add a 1200 watt wind generator with its own controller to the existing 12 volt house battery and inverter, can we do that if so how do we.do it? Thanks
  3. 2017 Roadtrek ETrek All Electric/Diesel

    2017 Roadtrek ETrek All Electric/Diesel

    Unusual 2017 Roadtrek ETrek class B with lots of extras. This rig is easy to drive and amazing for camping without a hookup, but still has all the hookup features you might want. Built on 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3.0 liter V6 diesel, 4wd with low range, LWB extended 3500 dual real wheel van...
  4. T

    Ready to buy new Class B...but solar questions

    I am totally committed to buying a new Class B RV, and am leaning toward one of the Thor models with the newest solar technology. The major choices seem to be a 200 vs. 400 vs. 800 Amp-hour. If I cannot find one on a lot (very limited selection in my area), then I am willing to special order...
  5. Kristy8787

    My 2022 came Prewired for Solar via go power…. How to upgrade?

    My fifth wheel came pre-wire for solar, there are connections on the roof near the front…. I can’t seem to find where the cables for them are in the compartment with the batteries in the front storage. Also…. Is there a solar charge controller somewhere? I’m adding a new lithium battery bank...
  6. H

    Small trailer searcher

    Hi. I’m an avid day hiker and non-whitewater kayaker. After recently completing a 7 state/ 7 week road/hiking trip, I’m interested in exploring the desirability of a small travel trailer so I can camp or boondock close to trailheads or put-ins in some comfort. I’m interested in a used Lance 1475...
  7. S

    More Battery / Solar questions

    Hey solar gurus - my so-simple solar charging system is driving me nuts. It's got three components 1) a 100W solar panel 2) A Renogy Voyager 20A controller 3) A new and unused Die Hard 100Ah battery (with a reserve capacity of 200?), And of course the wires - which run outside the camper. The...
  8. R

    Feedback Sought - Solar Install Companies - Comparison Of 3 Options

    Hi. I’m seeking feedback on the 3 seeming best companies I’ve found to install solar in my van. Please let me know which one you would pick. I am not very knowledgeable about solar so your help is appreciated. Please note many recommend install companies in Quartzsite, Arizona but those places...
  9. T

    Need some advice on wiring new controller to pre existing solar charging system

    The Winneabago Adventurer we have has 3 large after market Siemens panels and one small one, what loooks like came factory installed, the installed Mark PV Controller, showed Array Current at 0, I tested for current at the panels themselves and I was getting around 17 or so, I'm not sure I...
  10. T

    Can’t find pre-wired solar connection

    We just bought a new 2021 Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB that is pre-wired for rooftop solar. We see the connection on the roof, but cannot find the other end of the wires and/or the charge controller. Any suggestions?
  11. W

    Jackery Solar Generator/power unit

    Does anyone have one? Any thoughts?