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  1. T

    Question Discount Tires Error ... Any Recourse ???

    In 2019, went to a Denver Discount Tires and asked them to replace the Goodyear OEM G tires on my 40' Cedar Creek 36CKTS ... about 18,000 lbs GVWR. They said they carried the tires ... installed them ... I paid the bill. Mind you, I don't know a "trailer tire" from a hot fudge sundae ...
  2. Neal

    Toyo tire inflation charge v8

    Toyo tire inflation chart
  3. AbdRahim

    Watch where you park

    Had a nice ride on the first leg of this trip. I pulled into the truck stop, filled up (ouch), then wet topark in the designated RV spot for the night. As I pull intothe spot and begin to straighten, I hear glass break. Agrhhhh! I look out the window and see a portion of a glass bottle sitting...
  4. Tires


    Two tires for sale Michelin 365/70R22.5 Mileage 30,761 5 years old this past March $250 each Available after June 23 Sun protective covers when parked 616-813-7943 [email protected]
  5. I

    Tire advice - looking to buy 19.5 tires for class A

    I found many threads but none recent. Am looking to buy tires for 2012 Winnebago 26P class A. Just purchased this rv and it has original tires with 32k miles. they look fine but I know they need to be replaced. my local favorite tire dealer suggested Kuhmo KRS03 on the low price point $1500...
  6. M

    Compressor Recommendations

    I know some have installed air doublers in their units to allow them to use onboard air for filling their tires, which is pretty elegant but I have opted to carry a stand-alone compressor which came recommended over on IRV2. Specifically, I carry a Porter Cable 150psi 2scfm Portable Air...