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towing capacity

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  1. T

    Hey guys! Can’t wait to start living the camp life!

    Totally new to the towing thing but my aunt gave me her 5th wheel (38’ keystone Montana) I came here by recommendation from a friend. My truck (2020 JEEP Gladiator) already has an RV plug but I need to get a 5th wheel hitch to install. Any recommendations from the more seasoned vets?
  2. J

    Good morning from CT.

    Good morning and thank you from CT. I need help. I have a Nissan Pathfinder. Towing capacity 6000lbs. Curve weight 4930 lbs. Payload 1100 lbs. I will tow a 3950 gvwr T camper. Dry weight is 2800 lbs. Payload 1100 lbs also. Both weight together (combined weight) 8900 lbs. I have a weight...
  3. A

    TV max tow > TT GVWR - Says Who?

    Here's a quote from TrailerSafetyWeek.com: "Do not use a tow vehicle with a max tow rating of less than the GVWR of your trailer". Does anybody know if this is a guideline or a requirement? I searched the California DMV website and couldn't find it there. Is it something required by insurance...
  4. B

    2019 Tahoe Towing Guidance

    My wife has expressed an interest in an RV travel trailer. I'm curious of the capability of our current equipment, as well as some information and experience you folks have had in your endeavors: 2019 Tahoe 5.3L V8 Axle ratio 3.08 Standard trailering package (not the max trailering package)...