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water pump

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  1. M

    Water pump problem

    I just posted a question about my fridge, and mentioned that I had a question about thte water pump as well. Here it is: I had filled the water tank in my MH for a trip, and the next day I noticed a small puddle of water, and the tank had drained a bit. The water seemd to come from the tank...
  2. B

    Water pump (in)accessible in 95 Southwind?

    New (to me) 1995 Southwind owner with a lot of repairs ahead. First order of business is replacing the leaking water pump and inlet filter. I've found replacement parts and they're on the way. Only (MAJOR) issue is that accessing the water pump seems impossible as it's blocked by a hefty outdoor...
  3. Donkey

    Question Thor: No water

    Thor Motor Coach: F450 v10, 2017. Can someone tell me hours to access water pump? With switch on, I can hear it but there doesn’t seem to be any way to get to it. I think it’s located horizontally between the fresh water tank and shower. Refer to photos with red indications where I’m guessing...
  4. D

    1989 Fleetwood Southwind water pump replacement help

    Hello, Super new motor home owner here. Recently bought a 1989 Fleetwood Southwind that was suppose to be good to go but actually didnt even make it home without issues, yes I was duped. We have been told that the water pump has gone and needs replacing. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how...
  5. Neal

    RV Water Pump by REMCO and Intellitec Water Pump Controller

    When I first got my 2017 Newmar Ventana I read that the flojet water pump wasn't that great and to put a variable speed pump in. I bought the recommended pump at Camping World and installed it. The water pump in my coach is just aft of the wet bay panel on the left side and is not the easiest to...