2001 Bounder 33R

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Jun 3, 2020
This is my very first motorhome and I'm excited to get rolling. Before I bought it the previous owner changed all batteries.
The first time they started it ran for 20-30 seconds then shut off. When they tried turning the key there was nothing, no dash lights , no sounds
just nothing. They pushed to emerg start and it fired right up but as soon as they let go of the button it died. They did some trouble shooting and after a
undisclosed time they tried it again and it started. Ran fine for awhile then when it was at my house it did it again.
I started it after 10-20 secs it died and as before nothing, I started it with the coach batteries and again as soon as a released the button it died.
I shut off the batteries wait a few minutes maybe 10-12 then turned on the batteries and it started right up and ran fine. I tested the chassie battery and its good and tested the lines all the way to the circuit board and there was juice all the way there. Im confused. To me it sounds like a key security issue- it starts then doesn't recognize the key and kills the engine. But im really not sure.
Just checking what yall think is happening. its the Ford V10

Thanks Jim