2017 Ventana LE dash stereo upgrade

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Jan 26, 2020
Lakeside, CA
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Ventana LE
RV Length
Ford F150 King Ranch
I'm finally ready to replace the Sony head unit, subwoofer, amp and speakers as my next upgrade project. Anyone done a similar job in their DS, VT, VL of this vintage with suggestions?
I've read some of Neal's older notes and those of others from other sources. I also got the attached drawing for the factory system. My main question at this point is what form factor higher end AMP and Subwoofer will fit in place of the current gear and not require significant modifications. I also want to know if i can integrate with the existing camera's.

My current key considerations are:

1) Pioneer AVH-W4500 or similar double din touchscreen unit with Carplay. This is a 7" display. New units are coming with floating 10" displays but I don't know if I need to go that far. It may also block the existing rear view screen next to it due to width?

2) Replace the 5.25" JBL cabinet mounted with better speakers, or even expand the location and replace with 6x9 units. I may configure a 3 way system with surface mounted tweeters on the A Pillars, and use the 5.25's as mids as a preferred solution.

3) Can i use the rear view camera capability on the new head unit to be dedicated to the existing rear view camera and use the existing display to only show the left right cameras? I'd love to have concurrent use of the rear and side cameras when changing lanes.

4) Can i eyeball both the amp and the sub by removing the center console drawers and facade? Can they be replaced this way also or would the dash need to be removed?

Thanks for any comments.



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