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Nov 2, 2019
WA, MT or somewhere else!
RV Year
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Mountain Aire 4047
RV Length
2014 Honda CR-V
A couple of years back, I bought a set of metal valve stems from for use on our 2014 Ventana LE, but never got around to having them installed. We bought a 2018 Newmar Mountain Air and the set of Dually Valve DL4SSTC stems, still new in the box, was gathering dust.

Fast forward to recently, when a friend needed a set of valve stems. Since we weren't sure whether they would work on his 2017 Ventana, I called Dually Valve (aka Borg Equipment Company/Your Tire Shop Supply) to find out. "Kelli" looked up my original order and asked for some information about my friend's coach (specifically about the type of wheels he has) and gave me the specs she needed. A couple of back-and-forths with my friend produced the needed specs and a couple of photos that I forwarded to Kelli. She replied, telling me the valve stem kit I had wouldn't work with my friend's wheels.

Then, astoundingly, she suggested that I return the kit I had purchased two years ago and she would make an exchange for a kit that would fit his coach. She even offered to ship the exchange kit directly to him. Wow!!! Now, that is customer service!!! A tip of the hat to Kelli and Borg Equipment Company!

Just thought I would let folks know that if they are considering purchasing metal valve stems (or other tire-related items) for their coach, gets my highest recommendation as the place to shop.

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