FYI F-53 Radius Rods

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Nov 3, 2019
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
RV Length
39' 11"
Demco KarKaddy 460SS and VW Passat
Well in the quest for the perfect suspension I decided to put Radius Rods on the front suspension. Currently the suspension is very well sorted but I am looking to reduce the induced steering moment in uneven pavement situations.

It seems that almost every time we encounter uneven pavement from road work I have a cement barrier on one side and a class 8 on the other side. It happened on the trip to GA just a couple of weeks ago.
The lanes were down to 9ft or so (with the dolly we are 8.5' wide) and the passenger steer tire dipped over the edge of fresh pavement.
I did not want to over correct and hit the truck. The narrow lanes had the truck with its tires on the line between the travel lanes. Very narrow window to navigate.
The induced steering moment took me close to the barrier. To put the tire back on even pavement along with the dolly tire took considerable correction.
Why the induced steering moment you ask? The bushings of the front leaf springs are flexible and the front axle is an I-Beam. Put drag on one tire, this force twists the axle in that direction and the RV wants to go there. (BAD)
The Radius Rods reduce that turning moment by holding the axle orientation straight ahead.

SuperSteer® SS403RR Radius Rods for Ford F53 16-26k GVWR 2010 & Up

uneven pavement.jpeg
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