Ford dark dash

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Just Idling Around
Dec 8, 2020
Newbie owner but always trying to make improvements on our recently purchased Tiffin 32SA. On the test drive I noticed the gauge cluster was difficult to see in the day light hours. Even with the lights on and gauge lights as brite as they could go still no improvement. Upon reading the forums I find folks have been complaining about this for as far back as 2008. Why Ford hasn't fixed this is beyond me. I found on Amazon T5 led bulbs which had 6 small led white lights but they were not much better then the incandescent bulbs from Ford. Back to Amazon for different T5 bulbs. This time I ordered T5 Nanpoku super brite 12X T5 74 73 37 27 21 LED Cluster indicator lights white for $6.99 for 12 led lights. Problem solved. All I did was removed the Velcro attached dash access panel from the top of the dash and reach in and take out one dash light and replaced it with these led lights. If they do not light remove and rotate the led light 180 degrees in the socket. Hope this helps all you older fellows such as myself who need a little help seeing. Now if I can fix my forgetting that would be great. Was gonna add something else but I forgot what it was.