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RVForums welcomes commercial members as there is value added for RVers to have a communication conduit with our RV vendors (B2C) and vice versa. Dealers, vendors, etc. that offer products and services are welcome to participate in this community. This post adds to what was posted in this thread in the top level announcements area and adds a checklist in setting up your profile on the site. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message (conversation is what it's called here) by clicking/tapping the envelope button on the toolbar, right side, or email me at
  1. After registering and verifying your email (check spam folder if you didn't get it) the first thing you want to do is upgrade your regular member level to Commercial Member status by clicking here. This will enable many advanced features on your profile and set your permissions for participation.
  2. Go through each area of your profile by clicking your name on the toolbar, right side.
  3. Set your profile preference
  4. Set your signature which allows multiple lines, links, images. As a general rule this would be similar to what you use in your business email signature.
  5. Upload an Avatar which would typically be your business logo
Guidelines for Usage:
  1. Commercial accounts can post new topics (threads) only in the Vendor and Commercial zone. Regular members cannot post new threads in this area. Regular members can reply to your posts in this area to interact with you.
  2. Commercial accounts can reply to any thread on the site assuming the thread is open for replies. This allows you to help educate about your products or services in a discussion going on among members. Obviously do so without being intrusive and remain respectful so as not to appear as soliciting. Your presence is all you need and those that want to reach out to you based on your contact info will do so.
  3. Forum activity should be business related, i.e. using the account to reply to members on topics solely related to your area of expertise and business. Do not participate on the forum as a regular RVer using a business account.
  4. Use a personal account to interact on the forum as a regular RVer for non commercial participation.
Feel free to post discounts, sales, events to help the community. The deals and discounts thread for RVF members is not open to the public to view.

Thank you for joining our super friendly community of RVers. Again, if you have any questions please reach out to me and I'll promptly assist you.
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