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Jul 27, 2019
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No launched early November 2019 and with this community my goal is to provide a friendly community where everyone involved in the RV Lifestyle can communicate and participate. In this era of social media, particularly Twitter, it's very easy to reach out to a company and ask a question or bring attention to a matter without the need for finding contact info, filling out contact us forms and going through so much red tape. The community is a great opportunity to communicate and learn from our vendors which we deal with often with our RV's, meet at RV rallies, etc. Other RV communities blacklist commercial vendors from participating on their forums and this is very unfortunate as a great relationship can form between customer or potential customer and vendor. There is a lot to learn from your participation here with us on this site.

This post will layout the guidelines which are subject to change as we evolve this relationship between RVers and RV related businesses. Your feedback is welcome. Many of the employees in RV companies are also RVers and some are even fulltimers. I want RV related companies to feel welcome here. I want minimal moderation on this community and make this site the most enjoyable and beneficial to all. Vendors can help the community members by providing special deals.

Commercial members must join under their company name, each member should register separately and not share an account so we know who we're communicating with. After registering for access on click your profile name on the right side of the toolbar and you'll find an area for account upgrades. Within the account upgrades are commercial membership options. When joining as a Commercial member your account will gain additional privileges to features on this site from a more comprehensive signature capability including images, links, multiple lines to include contact info, phone numbers, etc., the ability to upload an avatar which should be your company logo. Include a logo/brand in the signature as well is recommended so we clearly know who the commercial members are. You'll have the ability to start conversations, upload a cover photo to your profile, etc.

The main restriction to a Commercial member is that you can only post new threads in the Commercial/Vendors zone. Commercial members CAN participate in any other forum but only to reply to other discussions. Commercial members should remain professional and respectful and try to help and avoid blatant soliciting, it will not be tolerated and accounts will be banned without refund of the commercial upgrade membership.

I suggest if you work for a RV company and you're also a RVer that you have separate accounts; one for your personal non-business use and one representing your company per above.

We'll shape this relationship together and if you have any problems or suggestions please start a conversation (private message) with me on this site or email me directly at

We welcome you and look forward to learning from you and hopefully doing business with you in our future endeavors. Welcome to, a friendly community for RVers from every avenue of the lifestyle.
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