Improve Microwave and Exhaust vent

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Sep 29, 2020
Thor ACE 2021 33.1 class a,

absolutley brain dead.. no exhaust fan over the stove. Can't even make bacon without setting off the alarm, or anything else with fat/oil. Available vents don't help it all. So i want to install a hood and exhaust -old school camper/rv.. not sure why this is not done on this Class A. Just dumb IMO

I envision a larger microwave maybe with an exhaust fan underneath it/combined i guess to save space. once upon a time i installed one over my stove in my home. microwave had an integrated hood.

so.... any thoughts on the exhaust fan, like to have a quiet one but right now i am going forward with something.

second, microwave.. i have 25" width Max, 15.5" high.

anybody have a microwave/ with maybe convection oven ability that fits this space?