Tip Include Images Inline with your Post

Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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2017 Chevy Colorado
A lot of forum products you just add images to the post and they show at the end but it's hard to get a real context of what image relates to what in your discussion. When attaching images you have the option to INLINE the images as thumbnails or full size images. This means include the images in your post content itself otherwise images will just show at the end as attachments. But you can take this farther by actually including them as your story is told. For example you mention something in your first paragraph you can then inline an image. Now start a second paragraph and discuss a topic then add another image below that paragraph. Imagine writing a Word document and including images in the content of your message and not just at the end. With this forum'ware you can do that.

An example of this is in this thread: Barker Tote Tank