Reese Sidewinder

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Jul 19, 2021
I bought a Reese Sidewinder last year to increase maneuverability. Movement was limited by truck cover, which hit the pin box on turns over about 45 degrees. Maneuverability is now excellent, but …

I have having a lot of trouble getting hitched. To hitch, I am aligning the truck hitch as straight as possible to the Sidewinder and setting the elevation of the trailer to hit an inch or so below the top of the hitch plate. If everything is just right and I back up fairly aggressively, it connects. Normally, it takes multiple attempts.
I also spray the hitch and bottom of Sidewinder with recommended lubricant.

Are there any Sudewinder users out there who have ANY suggestions to make this process easier and less frustrating?

I kept my old pin box and am almost ready to switch back. The truck cover rails are not an issue anymore. New truck and cover.

Thanks for any help!