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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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Ventana 4037
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40' 10"
2017 Chevy Colorado
I want to be up front and transparent on how I intend to run this site in regards to posts and moderation. This site will be run as open as possible with as little as possible moderator/administrator involvement. I do not want you to feel like you cannot post what you want on this site related to RVing. Some of us come from a forum where it is run out of paranoia and you can't say certain things, you can't post links to outside sites, etc. So let me be clear on how I want this to be a very enjoyable experience for all.

You can post links to other RV sites, forums, etc. Link to articles as you want but I prefer keep discussions here instead of diverting them to another site but that is entirely up to you. Reference a discussion going on somewhere else and keep the chat going here would be ideal. But I have no issues with people posting links to any other helpful resource. We are here to learn from each other and there is nothing to be afraid of in any of your posts.

With that said I also have no issues with you posting what you paid for your RV or what discount you got from a dealer or even what pricing you are paying for specials such as Newmar allows customizing and you pay for each "special" they call it. Unless you are forced to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) then you are free to share the information. That is entirely up to you but there are no rules on this site on what you can or cannot post when it comes to buying or selling your RV or services such as who you got service from and how much they charged you. By sharing this information we help each other. takes privacy seriously, it is the topmost emphasis in today's culture and that is why this site is here. Forum sites that were created in the 1990's that many sites currently use do not have controls or data protection in place to accommodate the privacy needs including GDPR that is required of web sites in 2019 and beyond (don't believe them if they tell you otherwise). This is why I created this site, one of the many reasons. With that said please do not post personal information unless you've been granted permission to do so and please state that you have such as if a sales person allows their email address or phone number to be posted on this site. We will work hard to ensure privacy is the top priority in your experience here.

We are working out how we want commercial user participation with us here as well. I find that it is great to get to know the people that support our lifestyle through their products and services and it's great to be able to ask questions and learn from them on a site like this. I welcome the commercial participants. I'm still working through how best to handle the involvement and avoid blatant solicitation which will not be tolerated.

This site is going to feel liberating to many of you coming from other RV communities. My staff do not and will never harass the members. We appreciate each and every one of your contributions through posts, helping others, and sharing anything we can learn from. You are the most valuable resource to this site and we appreciate YOU!

Welcome to the newest and best RV community embracing the RV lifestyle. I wanted to follow up on my Welcome post with more details on what you can freely discuss on this site as many are paranoid from being excessively moderated and reprimanded on other communities who show no appreciation to the most valuable asset- you!

You can discuss this topic as desired in the discussion thread below: