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Question Tell us your story of RVing

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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
RV Year
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Ventana 4037
RV Length
40' 10"
Freightliner XCR
Cummins 400 HP
2017 Chevy Colorado
I bought my first RV, a MH, in 2017. An impulse buy quite frankly and I love every minute of it and the friends I've met have been amazing. It is very interesting to hear the stories of how long people have RV'd. I'd love to hear your story of when you first RV'd, i.e. was it something you grew up doing with your family and continued thereafter. How many RV's have you owned and feel free to share what you've owned or what you RV'd in with your family before you owned your own.

Tell us your story of RVing whether first time owner like me or long time RVer.
LadyDi and I have been "camping" our whole lives. Our dad's (who didn't know each other at the time) both built "campers" mounted on pickup trucks long before you could just go out and buy one. We eventually met, dated and married. Our honeymoon was spent in the High Sierras of Northern California, camping in a tent.

When the kids came along, we went to a larger tent. It wasn't long, however, before we acquired a small travel trailer and then, a little bigger one. The kids grew up, married and had kids of their own. LadyDi and I started taking the grandkids camping at an early age and bought a big 5th wheel to accommodate the growing herd. When the grandkids headed off to college a few years back, we "downsized" to a Class C coach on a MB Sprinter chassis. Then, we started taking longer trips and needed a bit more space, so "upsized"again to a Ventana LE and, finally, to the Mountain Aire we have now.

It has been a fun, life-long adventure. We've been a lot of places and have seen a lot of things. Great family memories were created and we're still creating more. Hopefully, we'll be able to continue doing so a bit longer.

My wife and I used to camp in a tent with a daughter in diapers. Our daughter is now 31 years old. We then 'upgraded' to a pick-up camper that I had to rebuild the whole front when I got it for free. Then we upgraded to a fiver (ex truck driver so it felt normal) and by now have had four different fivers. Seven years ago I retired, not by choice, but when my Doctor said "as of now you are retired". Long story short we sold our house to get out from under the payment and hit the road. It's only been three years since we went full time, but I am really enjoying it! Just last winter we stepped into an elevator and went 775 feet straight down! We stood at the edge of the worlds largest ditch and even played submarine with our truck (218 feet BELOW sea level). Looking forward to this year!
This may be a bit of a different story about RV'ing.
Background....when I was fortunate enough to return home from Vietnam...1968...promised myself I would NEVER sleep in another sleeping bag or tent. And have not slept in a tent.
Update.....after retiring in 2012, I mentioned to my DW about traveling around the country, and maybe a nice RV. She was still working, & had a few years til retirement. So, in 2017, she said she was going to retire in another year. Ahh haaa...I started talking about an RV again. Meantime, we went for a weekend with a couple, & stayed in their 24' Travel trailer....mighty tight sleeping quarters. After that, she says, if that's what I have to look forward to, No, on the travels! So, I say, but "honey, we can get a nice size motorhome, with slide outs & everything! She says "maybe"! Move forward to 2018..... Being persistent, I start showing her various RV's, some she really liked. My research leads me to Newmar coaches, one of the best available. I took her to see an "03 Mountain Aire", and she says, "I could like something like this"! It was nice, but needed all new tires, & other service related things, so I passed on it. Find a nice '04 Mountain Aire located in Pennsylvania, show her pictures, she really liked it. I decide to go look at it. Being a total rookie to motorhomes, I take a friend with me, he's had 5, & off we go to Pa. We get there, he sees it & says, "man what a nice looking coach"! We thoroughly (he) checks it out, drive it, & he's really impressed...me too! Call "DW' tell her how nice it is & a good deal! She says let me talk to Ray (she knew he knew what he was looking at, unlike me, a rookie). He tells her how nice it is....Boom...I make a deal....subject to inspection. Turns out the coach was everything we thought & more!
So now we own an RV.....a Newmar Mountain Aire, no less. I bring it home, she sees it with slides open, lights all on, and falls in love with it! Yeah man...we're on a roll now! We use the coach for 4 trips, never more than 150 miles from home, & not more than 4 days. But, she really likes it! Retirement is getting closer, and coming home from the last trip, she says, "If we're going to be traveling after I retire, as much as I love this coach, wouldn't it be nice to have a new one"? That's all I needed..."Yes, I said, it would be nice"!;)
The research starts....60 days later, July 10th, we order a 2020 Newmar Canyon Star 3710!! Went through the "specials", to include paint, and week of September 15th was "off-line" date. We had decided to do the Newmar "CPU" or "FPU" (depends on who you ask), and on Monday morning, October 14th, we walk through the door to the Service area, and there she is, our NEWMAR! WOW! Emotions were all over the map! What a great experience, and 6 days later, with our "toad" in tow, we make the 770 mile trek back to Virginia! Happy as "two pigs in a slop jar", & not looking back!
So, what a crazy, short, but exciting adventure we have had with RV's, in 14 months, from none, to one used one, to a brand new one! And we're still rookies!
But, off to Florida for the month of January, RV parks from coast to coast, the Super RV Show is one of our stops, visit family, friends, & just some relaxing too!
It's been CRAZY, but FUN, & looking forward to many more adventures, doing this RV, & Retirement thing!

Cover Photo.jpg
What an awesome story @Jabber Jaw !! I know that feeling seeing your coach for the first time at FPU. What a dream come true and I wish you amazing travels and can't wait to hear the stories. What a beautiful coach!
The "special paint" , maroon, (cajun spice") was done to match the Colorado ZR-2 & the Terrain. The match turned out great!
Raising six kids we never considered RVing. Neither one of us really grew up camping. When the last two were in college we got into boating. Within a couple years we were in a used twin diesel 40' motor yacht. We traveled the rivers and spent a lot of vacation time on the Great Lakes. Our retirement dream was to live-aboard full time.

I retired in 2010 at the age of 57. The last 3 years of my career I grew a 12" pony tail, a 8" beard, tried to buy crack or heroin almost every day, and me and my buddies broke into a bunch of houses every month. No, I wasn't a scumbag, I was a state police agent assigned to a task force as an undercover narc. Anyway, I worked a ton of hours/overtime and it was favorable to my pension to pull the plug a little early.

Started a residential contracting business (after I shaved and got a buzz cut). We did window replacements, room additions, decks, and siding. After a couple years we had a 2012 F350 paid for and purchased a used Montana fiver. We sold everything, including the boat, and went full time.

After a couple of years in the fiver we found a house in SW Florida we couldn't pass up. We came off the road for a couple of years but traveled part time in a gas coach. At just under the 3 year mark of owning the Florida home we had an opportunity to sell it and make a buck so we did.

After a lot of research we traded in our gas coach on our current Newmar the day after we closed on the Florida house, which was almost 2 years ago to the day. Right now RVing full time is what we think we will do for the near future, or at least until one of our doctors tells us otherwise.
FL-JOE....Great story!!(y)
You had me going for a minute with the crack and heroin buys, and breaking into houses, but I had a sneaking suspicion you were on the other side. Our son was a state patrol officer and our grandson is currently a police officer in a small town, so we are familiar with the drill. Thanks for your first responder service.

I think about our current generation of Police Officers often. I think they have a much harder road to travel then my generation. The "thin blue line" has gotten thinner. Thank your son and grandson for me. We will always have their back.
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