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Tiffin 34ohp versus 360hp

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Sep 16, 2021
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32sa open road
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looking at mu budget, having tough time deciding on a 37ba 360 versus 33aa 340, like to hear your thoughts and wisdoms.to help in my decision. cheers
The 340 & the 360 engines not only designate different HP but different coach amenities. The 340 in a Red 33 AA was the entry level DP. It had many LESS options compared to a Red 33 AA 360. The HWH leveling jack system was just one item not available on the 340. The 37 BA is a 37 ft coach, the 33 AA is 35 ft.

The new 2023 340 is called The Byway. I looked at both before I bought my 2021 Red 33 AA. IMHO I would spring for the 360 version RED in what ever model you decide. Not only do you get a little bit more HP, but there are like 5 or 6 more options you get over the 340.

good advice. I didn't know that.
No question - go with the 360 HP engine and 3000 Allison transmission.
The 340 is mated to the 2500MH transmission and has lower cargo carrying and towing ratings as well as less HP and torque, and the 340 ISB is the highest hp motor used with the 2500 trans. The 3000MH transmission used with the 360hp is also used all the way up to the 450hp ISL so it should be bulletproof in a 360. Look at all the chassis specs (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, max towing, etc) to make your decision - its a lot more than 20hp.

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