Tip Tips on changing Internet sources in your Pepwave Router

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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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2017 Chevy Colorado
So you've got a Pepwave router and you have multiple Internet sources available whether cellular and WiFi or whatever your configuration may be that offers multiple Internet connectivity options. You may or may not know but there is a Peplink app that you can use to change priorities (or disable) or you can use the web admin which most of us probably use.

When changing your desired Internet source what I've found is that you want to "green" up your desired connection, i.e. move what you have in Priority 2 (or disabled) into Priority 1 and let it establish its connection which will then show green. After the desired connection is green you can then change the other connection such as moving it to Priority 2 or disabled. If you try to move both at once the Pepwave will see this as a failed connection and try to perform a failover to your next priority source.

The Peplink app is a little more finicky. What I've found is I view the sources, tap Edit on the top right (I'm using the iOS version) then drag ONE source to the new location and tap Save on the top right. Once it's saved now make your second change. The app doesn't seem to handle multiple changes at once.

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