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RVF Supporter
Nov 15, 2019
RV Year
RV Make
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New Aire 3543
RV Length
2020 Jeep Gladiator
Ok, I don’t get my NADP until February, but I’m starting to look ahead to CPU.

I will have the in-motion satellite antenna. I’ve read a lot about DirecTV vs Dish, and, since we‘re not full time, and don’t care about NFL Sunday Ticket, have decided to go with Dish, as they offer month-to-month. We don’t have satellite at home, so will need to buy a receiver...looking at the Dish website, it seems only the Wally + hard drive is available for RV. I envision activating it a month or so before we leave on a trip, so some shows can be recorded before we leave. A question I have is; if I go to the trouble of setting up “season passes“ to our favorite shows, will the system retain these passes throughout deactivation and reactivation? Is there anything else I need besides the Wally & hard drive?

Secondly, the 2020’s will have the Samsung 4K TVs...does anyone have the model number(s) for the TV? The one I see on the Samsung website is a smart TV, with apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc., it even has an Apple TV app, and allows screen mirroring. This would be awesome, as we are absolutely an Apple family, and the screen mirroring would allow me to play TV I recorded at home through my TiVo app. Of course, I need to upgrade my Verizon account to unlimited data, etc., but that’s for a different thread.
Not open for further replies.