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Question Window Leak and How to Fix It?

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Just Idling Around
Nov 5, 2021
Hi again!
I'm back.
I've posted here before, about a different leak, hopefully when we get the new parts and those installed,
we get that leak fixed.
But now we're stuck on our bedroom windows leak. We recently had them leak before and my fiance re-caulked the windows and it stopped the leaks. But I guess they are leaking again, we checked all the other windows that he re-caulked and it's only these windows, and it's causing slight water damage at the floor base of the walls, (we didn't know it was leaking again until fairly recently).

It's a pretty old travel trailer 2002 Sunnybrook Lite and we are just trying to fix up these leaks. I'm not the smartest when it comes to trailers. But this leak seems as hard as the last one. Any helpful tips or advice would be wonderful! We just want this leak solved. We're in the middle of winter in Washington right now...so not pleasant right now.

He didn't re-caulk the inside part of the window, should he do that? He fears if he does that it'll make the leak worse, like it'll make the leak go somewhere else. Would that actually solve the leak? Or is it just not the caulking?

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