Winnebago poor quality

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Oct 27, 2020
We purchased a 2019 Winnebago Adventurer motorhome in July 2019. With Winnebago being in the RV business for so long, I really thought I was buying a quality product. I was SO wrong. The number of quality issues we've had is incredible, we now call the RV, "Winnie-Pooh Pooh". I was wondering if others have experienced such poor quality with Winnebago, or maybe we just got a lemon.

Here's the short list of the quality issues: ,

1) Bedroom TV didn't have electricity. This probably could've been checked & fixed prior to us purchasing the RV; however, the dealer told us that Winnebago does not allow them to conduct QC checks prior to delivery.
2) Trim falling off the outside/front pop-out, while driving down the road. Dealer told us this was a common issue
3) Trim on side of bathroom door fell off. Dealer fixed, it fell off again, fixed again....looks kind-of sad now
4) Bathroom door screws fell out of the track & door fell off track
5) Rails on roof ladder push in/out - Dealer fixed, then had to fix again. Hoping this is really fixed, would be bad climbing up & having these loose
6) Missing seals in both pop-outs, both ends
7) Awning comes out unlevel
8) Front pop-out comes out slow & makes popping sound
9) Bathroom door - stopper plastic on bottom fell off
10) Fireplace fell out, no wonder, it was installed with staples
11) Outside doors not aligned & didn't shut good
12) Rattle behind driver side, in pop-out
13) Trim above living room TV just popped off
14) Front door rattles
15) Kitchen pop-up countertop fell off.
16) Satellite wiring still doesn't work
Jan 26, 2020
Lakeside, CA
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Have you raised these issues with you dealer and if they failed to remedy them with Winnebago Customer service? You are recently out of warranty so you'll have to make a case and push it to get these items fixed by Winnebago. Unfortunately all RV's have Year 1/Year 2 issues and spend too much time at the dealer getting things fixed. You got a bum deal it appears, but you need to hold the MFG and their representative accountable until the bitter end. Let us know how you get on.
Dec 25, 2019
Your MADP you bought new. I know you've been doing this far longer than I but I have to say this is the pain of new coach shakedown. While we have a 1 year warranty on our Newmars, which is an exhausting first year getting the coach figured out, looking at everything under a magnifying glass to ensure every item is addressed while free, it doesn't end there. Year two for me was also exhausting but much of that was my tinkering but problems did occur, although don't think anything took me back to Newmar, wait, the windshield replacement, that was it. Even after two years my learning continued, probably up to year 3. The moral of this story is a new coach takes time to shakedown and figure out. Once that's done, it's a pleasure but the pleasure doesn't come until all the kinks are ironed out.

Nothing says you have to take your coach to a Newmar approved service center. Warranty items is one thing but after that I think we'll find anyone can work on our RV's, there's not much different in them and I am amazed at the knowledge of the RV mobile techs. The one I dealt with in Naples, FL was great.

Hang in there, you're probably on the verge of getting this thing nailed down. But I get it regarding at some point RVing has to come to an end, I see it when at Palm Creek where people are transitioning to the park models at their favorite destination. RVing is no fun when things aren't working right and this can be a far too frequent occurrence at times. Take a breather, get that pellet grill you've been looking for and enjoy a new hobby of cooking with a pellet grill.

Your annual leave expires at noon. Return to duty 🖖
Here is a response from Neal in another thread. The first year with a new coach can be trying to say the least. One must document with pictures everything one finds wrong and send it to the dealer and manufacturer, ASAP (while under warranty) - especially if they have a service center at the plant. I don't like my coach sitting for weeks or months at a dealer. Personally, I would rather drive 12-16 hours to the manufacturer At the end of the first year and have them address everything at once, as long as I can still use the coach in the meantime.

When I bought my Forester, it eventually had to go back to the factory for a rebuild of the entire top and and repaint of the entire vehicle. That was after having to visit a body shop after the first camping trip. I openned a storage bin and discovered jarge areas that were not attached to the body. Ugh! They did a great job. Too bad they could not do it the first time.

This is my first year with a Newmar. There is a growing list of things to be addressed at the end of the first year. The quality overall is much better than the Forester in mos areas, but this is how these things are these days. American cars were not quite as bad but pretty poor until the Germans and Japanese beat the pant off of Detroit. Perhaps Toyota ought to start making class A motorhomes. Of course they would still likeley have to deal with Lippert, Dometic, Atwood etc. So I don't know if that would even improve things much.

Think of the first year as boot camp. There is often some pain with a new rig. Hang in there fight to get fixed (nicely and logically, with a smile) = realizing that at this late hour you will have to pay for a bunch of stuff. I really recommend an appointment at the factory service center, if you can. Tie it in with your camping plans.

I wish you the best with this.
Jun 25, 2020
We had a Winnebago motorhome for a few years. It was 7 years old when we bought it. didn’t have any quality issues. The only thing was age and wear issues - all pretty minor. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that things like the power sofa, AC, heating system, fridge, microwave, generator, all worked well - we sold it when it was 11 years old
We did have to spend some $ for maintenance and damage due to our inexperience. The jacks were eventually all replaced. (I can’t remember the proper term, but we spent $$$ when the engine overheated - the air thing was completely plugged up with dirt - had to have that disassembled, cleaned, hoses replaced. Fortunately no lasting damage. But we’d like to do better preventative maintenance in future, Hoping this forum helps - already picked up plenty tips - keeping a folder of info for our next RV next year.
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