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  1. M

    House batteries wont recharge from driving (halfway on cross country trip)

    cross country from fl to cali in a 99' workhorse chassis on a '00 winnebago itasca sunrise and a week into driving i10, my house batteries (one year old and well maintained) wont recharge themselves. i've physivally inspected the power cables and connection. sounded different when I fired it up...
  2. L

    New Renegade Valencia Owner - Joining the group and a question on storing

    Hi Everyone, I am the proud owner of a new 2023 Valencia. My wife and I picked it up in Lubbock last week and drove it back home and put it in storage yesterday. We have our next trip scheduled for early September. The storage unit we have rented has 110 power and the dealer said I can just...
  3. J

    Lance truck camper not charging

    I have a 1997 Lance truck bed camper. Model Squire 8000 10’ 9”. It randomly stopped charging. Won’t charge off of the truck batteries or hookup. I read my manual and hit all the breakers and reset buttons. Non of them are tripped. I checked all wiring and it’s fine, and grounds are all clean...
  4. R

    House battery cutoff switch?

    Hello friends, after being out of town for a couple of months this past winter, and not realizing that while the chassis battery is being charged, the house batteries are not being charged while the RV cable is connected to 120A power, I replaced the 2 house batteries but still am not getting...
  5. W

    Blowing Fuse When Unplugging from Shore Power

    Good morning, So I have an issue maybe some of you have encountered. When I unplug from Shore power I am blowing Fuse F6 which by the labels is the Charging / Slide Out circuit. I do not have a slide out, which leaves Charging System. I replaced the Converter as I thought it almost had to be...
  6. W

    Typical Voltages and Electrical Battery Charging Issues

    Plugging into the shore power doesn't really seem to charge the battery? The battery was brand new last year. My question is on charging. The voltages below were measured under different conditions. The one constant was my Maxxair 4 speed vent fan was on high. The only conditions that...
  7. S

    More Battery / Solar questions

    Hey solar gurus - my so-simple solar charging system is driving me nuts. It's got three components 1) a 100W solar panel 2) A Renogy Voyager 20A controller 3) A new and unused Die Hard 100Ah battery (with a reserve capacity of 200?), And of course the wires - which run outside the camper. The...
  8. D

    Chassis batteries not Charging - 2012 Dynasty Palace

    Folks: I have to be doing something wrong. I plugged into shore power and everything works fine. But after a bit the chassis batteries go dead. I am not an expert on these things; so I need someone to help me figure this out. I currently shut off the disconnect so they don't drain; but that...