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  1. R

    I need help

    I’m trying to figure out what steering column would be compatible with my Ford Airex A931. It’s considered an F53 chassis although I don’t know what that means. Recently, I let someone use it and they forgot my tutorial on turning the motorhome off with the switch on the column before...
  2. G

    Will this truck tow this fifth wheel?

    Hello! New to these forums, and just starting out with planning full time RV living with my wife. We are both travel nurses and trying to figure out the best configuration for us. Wanted to hear your take on this configuration. Will this truck: https://www.carvana.com/vehicle/2072062 Safely...
  3. C

    New 1986 El Darado Ford E350

    Hi all, New to RV's and looking for some DIY repair and upgrade tips for a 1986 El Darado Ford E350.
  4. J

    F250 or F350 to Haul a 5th Wheel???

    Hello- I would appreciate your advice on the size of truck to haul a 5th wheel. We are about to purchase our first 5th Wheel (2018 Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH with GVWR 16750) for a multi-state 6month trip around the country with my wife and 2 daughters. We are new to 5th wheels, but experienced...
  5. M

    So who’s buying a Bronco?

    Looks like a pretty killer tow vehicle. Still waiting to see what Jeep’s forthcoming Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer will hold but if it turns out half baked, I could certainly see myself grabbing a Bronco.