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  1. C

    city water connection fills FW tank

    hello! we are snowbirds in Central florida. we own a Jayco redhawk 29-xk 2017. while connected to city water the fresh water tank gets fillled and comes out from the 3 hoses of the overflow under camper. we tried everything. we went thru 3 shure flow water pump thinking that the switch valve...
  2. B

    Water pump (in)accessible in 95 Southwind?

    New (to me) 1995 Southwind owner with a lot of repairs ahead. First order of business is replacing the leaking water pump and inlet filter. I've found replacement parts and they're on the way. Only (MAJOR) issue is that accessing the water pump seems impossible as it's blocked by a hefty outdoor...
  3. K

    Question Unsolvable Leak.

    Hi, So me and my fiance live in a 2002 Sunnybrook Lite Travel Trailer its pretty worn down old, it has its leaks which we've normally been able to solve and fix. But for the life of us we can't figure out this one. I need some help with this one So underneath the couch & outside of the couch...
  4. P

    Forest River Sierra Leak

    Hi, we have a Forest River Sierra 5th wheel and our carpet in the bedroom (by the hitch) is wet between the closet and bed. It’s like it’s coming up through the floor. No water near or around slide out, wall, or ceiling. Does anyone know how to get to whatever pipes run under there without...
  5. S

    Question Leaking Water Valve - No access - HELP!

    Hello All, I have a 2002 Coachmen Pathfinder Sport which is new to me and I'm working on a water leak in the freshwater system. The leak occurs whenever I pressurize the system, and I've tracked it to the lower valve in the exterior water panel. The only interior access to this valve is through...