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  1. R

    Question Electrical Lithium problems

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking some help to better understand my electrical system in my CamperVan. I have limited knowledge about electricity, but I'm eager to learn more. The electrical system in my van was professionally installed. Currently, I have 3 lithium batteries (Vision SP12-200 -...
  2. M

    Question Tow charging

    Hello! I’m wondering if the circuitry in a 2015 keystone cougar allows for lights and breaks to work while towing with the trailer battery bank disconnected. The reason I want to know is because I just got lithium iron phosphate batteries for it with a new converter to match the correct...
  3. Rich-MLsRV

    Lithium Battery Wiring Diagram

    Folks, I am converting from lead acid to lithium batteries. Attached is how I plan to wire in the Lithium batteries. Let me know if you have recommendations as to what I should change. thanks
  4. Rich-MLsRV

    Battery Isolation Manager (BIM) location

    Can someone tell me where the BIM is located on our RV? I've looked in the front under the hood, front left electrical compartment, around the chassis batteries, etc. Am I looking for a BIM similar to the picture below? I am in the process of upgrading to Lithium so the BIM needs to be upgraded...
  5. Rich-MLsRV

    Lead acid to Lithium conversion

    Folks, I am in the process of converting to Lithium batteries. I'll be removing the lead acid and then building a housing for the Lithium in the existing house battery area. If I need to move the RV before I have the lithium installed does anyone foresee issues I would have not having the...