Best roof coatings

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Sep 24, 2020
I’m sure this has been covered here but I did not find much.

Its time To apply a roll on roof coating on my travel trailer, if it matters its a 2011 rubber roof I assume they all are now?

Options are mezmorizing. ive used GACO rubber roof coating in the past a number of times with good luck my wife worked for a place that carried it so i got a fairly good discount on it. But I never kept any of these trailers more than three or four years to know.

I willl probably keep this trailer longer

Of course i have now waited for the rain to start and its possible that finding several days to do a multi coat application might be slim so what ever coating i go with it may have to sit a week or so between coats if its a two or three step process Or be a one coat application or something that i can apply coats or steps immediately after the rust step was applied.

This trailer will spend time in Florida and Washington state so i will need a coating that fits the whole gauntlet of exposure. The roof is in decent shape I found two small cuts 1/8” long probably from camping in the woods. Its not chalkey or cracking any where and ther are no noticable signs of leakage inside. I was told and I believe it has spent most of its life in a barn. And it really looks like it.

so what are your thoughts on the best bang for the buck v the best regardless of price as well.