Bought a 96 Gulf Stream 32ft TT need some help

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Oct 17, 2021
I sold my 19ft Mallard to a girl and bought this 32ft, Gulf Stream. I sorta like it. Albeit it is huge compared to the Mallard. I have a 34ft Bounder Class A that I am going to sell, which I love having all the room, but it's a cruise ship to get to places to camp out. Once there, its great.

So working out the many details that come with used equipment.

1. Fridge Dometic 2611 works on AC not on gas. I have pretty much got it down to the gas valve solenoid which, parts are unavailable. I was told, or read, that there might be a small ceramic filter that I can dig out. Or clean. I read where if I soak it in alcohol (Vodka? Gin?) it might work. Once replacing everything at the propane tanks, yes, there is gas flow TO the valve. I cracked open one small line just before the 12v valve, and I heard propane hissing. Nothing coming out from the valve to the pilot light. It does click. I do hear the fast popping of the electronic ignition for maybe 3 seconds. Then CHECK comes on the panel. 120v it gets cold.

2. Forced air furnace works fan only. No gas flow. My gut tells me the gas valve is plugged too. That unit will need to be removed to repair. BUT, I can score a new one-off Amazon for under $600. 35kbtu model that will go straight in. Considering the prices I saw on gas valves..... The thermostat is an older Coleman, which also runs the AC up top.

3. PO removed the hot water heater and installed a CampLux AC unit in the bathroom. While I have no issues with this, I boondock a lot in the upper Sierras (I live near YNP), and the coast, so I would rather have propane. I ordered off Amazon a Fogutti (sp) unit. Tankless. $500ish. Everything is there, gas, water, and electricity. I am sure I can work this out.

4. BIG BLACK Kansas ants. I noticed when I got home ants crawling on the floor. I bombed the trailer at least 5 times with the over-the-counter- flea roach bombs. It seemed to kill those critters inside. In replacing a clearance light up on the left front, two large black ants came running out from under the siding. OK, so I mix up a concoction elixir of various chemicals and douche the cracks, siding, and so on to see if I can kill the nest. I'm thinking of a water hose with pointed spray and dowse the trailer cracks, siding, etc etc. I've not seen any inside since I bombed the trailer, but these two ran out from a crack in the I am assuming I still have a live colony. I bought the trailer in Kansas btw and towed it home. The dogs and I stayed in motels. LOL.

OK, this being the beginning of my tenure with a 32ft pull trailer, not that I miss the Mallard but I could tow it with a V-6, this monster must weigh in at 9,000 or more, I need to bring it back to a useable standard. Obviously,. Heat, water, and fridge.

Any ideas where to score the valve/ Everyone is back-ordered. But this place. YES I did replace the diaphragm and valves and have full propane tanks upfront. I found the diaphragm was blocked, which happened on my Mallard once too. No gas flow from the tanks. So everything at the propane tanks to the 1/2 gas pipe at the front of the trailer was replaced.

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