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Colorado area August - September?

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While in the area, Ouray/Silverton/Telli, do not miss taking the time to go up onto the Alpine Loop, brochures and tentals in town (good tires a must, 4WD preferred). If you don't have 4WD or prefer not taking your vehicle on rough terrain, rent a jeep locally and do it (you'll thank me for it). You're on top of the world, spme ofbthe best scenery Colorado has to offer. Numbers of old mines and mining towns and the scenery can't be beat! You'll wonder how in the hell that got all that equipment up there. One of the best day trips is Ouray to Telluride over Imogene Pass and back, or visa versa. It is technical in some areas but, not overly so, any smart guy can figure it out (you won't need a winch for any of this). Best if you can enjoy this with another vehicle just in case something unforeseen does break (happens to not only motorhomes). Google Alpine Loop in Colorado. Many YouTube videos. Caution: Do not go down Black Bear Pass unless you are an experienced 4-wheeler or you really enjoy living on the edge. I am, but don't enjoy the edge anymore. People go down it all the time but, I don't enjoy off-camber 3-wheeling. If you don't have a second vehicle and would really like to go, get in contact and see what my calendar looks like. I may drive over to accompany, it's been a few years and need a good excuse to go back again.
We're doing that loop in early september
I drove from Silverton to Ouray where I was on the lane next to the mountain. Going from Ouray to Silverton you will have a 100,000 ft drop off or it looks that far. We'll be in Centennial, south of Montrose Sept 3 - 10. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere.
we'll be in Lake City during that week, and definitely making a couple trips to Gunnison. We are also be in Centennial, in mid August. What come from Cheyenne Mountain to Centennial spend a couple of nights and then head down the Lake City for a month or so.
When I made our booking early in the spring for Lake City, I barely got us in, and definitely not for the sites and times that I wanted. We will have to shift between two different RV parks to stay the time that we want. The owner of Elkhorn RV Resort said something about a problem over near Silverton that was diverting vacation traffic to Lake City - they were swamped very early in the year. I could tell she was a bit strained - somewhat take it or leave it attitude 😆
We'll spend a couple weeks at Elkhorn and then several more days at Highlander, where we'll rent a jeep to explore.

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