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Question Planning Glacier and Montana for 2020

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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
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Ventana 4037
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40' 10"
Freightliner XCR
Cummins 400 HP
2017 Chevy Colorado
Knowing that reservations for these popular areas must be made well in advance I'm starting to think about my 2020 plans to see Glacier and Montana for the first time. I welcome suggestions of what to see and where to stay so I can book early.

Thank you.
Unless you plan to stay a couple of years, you won't be able to hit more than the high points in Montana! It depends a bit on your areas of interest what to focus on. For scenic areas and wildlife, Glacier Park is a must-see, as is Yellowstone. Montana is a huge state and the west side is quite different from the east side. The Rocky Mountains split the state, running approximately north-south. Central and Western Montana are the heart of the Mountain West, while Eastern Montana is on the western edge of the Great Plains. The geography of the two sides is quite different, but both are scenic.

If you visit Yellowstone, you should also plan to go a bit south to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming; beautiful, rugged mountains and lots of wildlife. And, Cody, Wyoming, has a fabulous museum complex with five distinct "museums." Very worth the time to visit.

Of course, history buffs will be intrigued with numerous Native American museums and history sites. And, the Lewis and Clark Expedition came up the Missouri River as far as Great Falls, so there are some historical things associated with it as well.

That should take care of your first yea, Neal.

As for reservations, the sooner the better but a lot of places don't seem to start taking then until after January 1. If you need help with reservations at Polson, let us know.

What are the recommended CG's for Glacier and how long should one stay?
North american rv park is where we have stayed for the past 10 years.

Our first year we planned to stat 1 week, ended up staying 8 weeks. Ever since we have stayed a minimum of 6 weeks and a max of 14 weeks.

They just recently expanded and in 2020 they have 75 sites that are pull thru with very nice width, and easy access.

Tell them Ronnie sent you...

2019 DSDP 4369 * Active Air * NHSO
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North american rv park is where we have stayed for the past 10 years.

Thanks. I put in a reservation request for August 1-31. It's half the cost of the KOA. Thanks for the lead. Now to do Polson before or after :)
Well, if it makes any difference, LadyDi and I will be in Polson during September. We'll also be there in May and June, but will be on the road in July and most of August. Regardless of when you plan to be at Polson, get your reservations in early.

Wasn't sure if September was going to be too late weather wise.
We will be arriving in glacier July 4, and staying thru September.

2019 DSDP 4369 * Active Air * NHSO
Sounds like we need a Newmar Hoots / RVF Hoots meetup there. Everyone head to Glacier :)

TJ I am heading your way after! Can't miss the opportunity to meet you and LadyDi.
We love Polson in September! Weather is usually good, though this past September was pretty mixed. One benefit is that spaces are much easier to get in September as the snowbirds will be heading south by then. And, the fall colors start to show in September.

We can get a little snow in late September, but it is usually very light and only lasts a day or two at most. Our weather change usually occurs in mid- to late October. That said, with the unpredictable weather situation worldwide in recent years, nothing is certain.


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