Tip Tips for staying cool in the summer in your RV

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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Ventana 4037
RV Length
40' 10"
2017 Chevy Colorado
Tip 1: Stay ahead of the heat

If you wait until you're hot to turn down the temps in your coach you'll never catch up. While it may be slightly uncomfortable on the cold side earlier, try to keep ahead of the heat indoors

Tip 2: Balance your AC's

I have a 40ft with 2 AC's. I typically keep the front AC one degree lower than the rear UNTIL recently. The front AC is ducted to help cool other zones and it's probably the AC that will have the highest runtime on it and therefore be the first to go south on you. My recent discovery is to actually keep the temps in sync so for me 73 or 74 on both zones. Let the rear AC(s) help the forward zones and even the load.

Tip 3: Close the bedroom door

Depending on where your thermistors are (the sensors for the temps in the zones) you may have one AC such as in my coach the rear zone is right next to the front zone thermistor. By creating a barrier to that thermistor it won't sense cooler than it really is causing the front zone to shut off too early.

Tip 4: Leave your bathroom doors open

You have vents and a good airflow in the bathrooms. Allow that cool air to come out and help the adjacent rooms.

Tip 5: Block the heat

5a) Get your shades down early and block the heat from getting in. Know your orientation by using the Compass on your smart phone. Know where the sun will rise and set so you can be prepared to block the sun.

5b) Extend your awning to keep the sun off the walls of the coach. It's up to you and your risk if you trust wind/motion sensors to auto close them, rule of thumb for safety is to retract the awning when not home.

5c) Use 3rd party products such as Magneshade to block the sun from entering the glass. This discussion is not about effectiveness of these 3rd party products, there are other discussions or you can create your own thread to ask, but block the heat is the theme.

Tip 6: Insulate

Fantastic Fan vents are areas of zero insulation. Consider installing Camco insulation pads to add insulation. These will fit behind wood covered fans as well such as I have over the kitchen. Pull down the wooden grill cover as it's just two drawer latches holding it in place then install the insulated pad. I store these on the side of my washer/dryer when not in use.



Have tips to share for newbies to keep cool, please share your lessons learned.