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Jul 27, 2019
Midlothian, VA
RV Year
RV Make
RV Model
Ventana 4037
RV Length
40' 10"
2017 Chevy Colorado
For those like me that used Tapatalk you will find that not using Tapatalk will give you a far better experience as you will enjoy the full functionality of this forum'ware vs. the limited integration of Tapatalk and their very buggy implementation at that. Tapatalk was removed not just to drive you to use mobile but for other reasons, some of which are security related (they were flagged as malware by Google), and as a result we couldn't pay for google advertising to drive traffic to this site as Google will not drive anyone to a tapatalk web site now it seems. There are even more reasons such as their bugs, lack of support, so it going away was not a choice taken lightly, it was a choice made for better and for the future and growth of this web site. With that said, you'll again find a much better experience using the web site directly instead of tapatalk. I did not have advertising in my Tapatalk so that was not an annoyance for me as I was a tapatalk beta tester. Tapatalk has been deleted from my devices.


Take a look at the screenshot above:

#1 - tap this "menu" button for navigation and other options

#2 - tap the logo to return to the home screen with ease

#3 - tap the bell for alerts/notifications of recent activity of your content

#4 - tap "new posts" to find what's new, you can also tap "what's new" within the view this takes you to for a larger view of what's new on the site

#5 - bold titles mean new content that you haven't viewed is within

Not shown - at the bottom left of the site is the title for the current theme. Tap this title for other options such as dark themes if you prefer.


For the above photo, tap your profile image if an avatar is set (RVF Supporters only) or your first initial and that's your profile area. Within this area is a lot of functionality including your bookmarks if you saved any.

In the mobile view you can now see the thread prefixes such as Tip, Alert, Mod, etc. There are a lot of benefits. This is "change" and change is not always welcome to many but in time you'll see how much easier it is. You will also get the full functionality of posting messages and content formatting which was non-existent in tapatalk. Even the "Like" functionality was limited to "Like" where on the web site directly there are more "reactions" available by pressing and holding the like link just like on Facebook. This list continues on how much better the mobile view is, I hope in time you will also see that this is a good change away from the obsolete app that was Tapatalk.
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