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Towing with a van ?

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old timer

RVF Supporter
Nov 26, 2023
Angola Indiana
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Forest River
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Gray Wolf
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Long range plan is to purchase a 2500 converson van to tow a 3500 lb camper, we like the way a van rides. Any one doing this or done that, I'm thinking that a 2500 van used, would be better than a pick up comparing the trucks side by side.We don't necessarily need a lot of cargo room to haul a bunch of stuff.
I have been towing with Chevrolet 3500, 1 ton, Express vans for 20 years. They all have had the 6.0 Liter with a 6 speed transmission behind it. We have had excellent luck. It is the same chassis as a full-size long wheelbase (148 in), 1 ton, 4 door pick-up. In a pick-up I would not be able to put 2 adults, 3-4 grand kids and two big dogs in it, plus some gear. Plus, nothing gets wet, and I can lock it up. I have had 4 different campers, all Jayco's. 3 Eagles that were, ball to bumper, 39 feet, 32 feet and 37 feet. The biggest one weighed around 11,500 loaded. The next one not much less. We have been all over the west with all of them. No issues pulling thru the mountains. Places like thru Yellowstone and I-70 west from Denver thru Vail and father west. We buy used vans from our local dealer. They have been Enterprise rental vans with 15,000 to 20,000 miles on them and only a year old. Last one bought late summer of 20, was a 2019 with 17,500 miles for $22,000 something. Guys I worked with gave me crap for not having a pickup but they could not put 20 sheets of plywood, 16 12 foot and 30 8-foot 2X4's plus other stuff in their pickup on a rainy day. Never had a 2500, 3/4 ton van but you just look at works best for you.
Thanks ,l agree 100 percent, I couldn't find a pickup years ago when I was looking for something to haul a small truck camper, eather new,or construction trucks all beat up.
I towed our first TT with our van, no issues, traded it in for a F-350 when we upgraded to a fifth wheel

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