Well, OK then, I'll start!

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May 13, 2021
NE Kansas
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2019 Chevy Silverado on trailer
Hello!! I'm Candy, a paraplegic (polio) for 70 years, use a wheelchair to get around, but I'm definitely NOT "wheelchair-BOUND!" :) Hubby Daryl and I just purchased our wheelchair-accessible 2018 Newmar Ventana 4311 and are planning our first trip with "Gertie" to Minnesota end of June. Sometime, I'll post some photos of the modifications that Newmar does for those of us on wheels---they're pretty cool!

But right now I'm going around in circles with Newmar and Braun about the Braun wheelchair lift that was installed. Although the lift is a beauty and works sooo quietly, Newmar in its wisdom had a COMMERCIAL lift installed. This means the lift's power switch and wired control are inaccessible to me when I'm in the coach---have to rely on hubby to operate controls to get me out! Sure hope there's never a fire! Well, shoot! didn't come here to gripe about that.

Would love to hear from other folks on here with mobility issues---it would be great if you could share what modifications your unit has or what you've done. Also, let's share stories about accessible campgrounds and sites to see! :)