What is 5G? And should I consider a new 5G phone?

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Nov 3, 2019
RV Year
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39' 11"
Demco KarKaddy 460SS and VW Passat
This is a fascinating subject. The promise is huge. READ the fine print.

AT&T is as some might expect, completely confusing the "5G" world by having three different "5G" programs, a Beta program, a Business MM program, and an "everybody else" program. They are not equal, not even close.

Verizon on the other hand is offering a MM program. All the 5G programs will cover very limited geography, dense urban areas only to begin. 5G is a very short distance system.

The AT&T map shows which streets are covered. Yes street by street coverage. On the wrong block, no 5G cell signal.

So the advice that is being offered is to wait until a phone is offered that can layer 5G and LTE 4G. Probably end of next year. Hopefully the IPhone 12.

Here is the discussion by folks that have much more info than me.