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  1. M

    Onan HGJAB generator oil?

    A couple questions: I have a Onan HGJAB 7k GAS generator. And I am going crazy trying to figure out what oil to use. I keep hearing of people using Rotella, but this is diesel oil and not SM, SN or SP, As conventional oil is getting harder and harder to find. What Type, Make and grade oil are...
  2. Richpatty

    $12,000 paperweight

    As we were preparing to leave on our most recent trip, we started up the generator to run the AC (and give it some exercise) and after starting and running for a about 5 minutes, it quit…. I opened the hood to take a look and it was flashing a service code of 2, then 4 blinks. I reset the...
  3. F

    Used Sea Foam to Get the Generator to Run

    The ONAN/Cummins 4KY generator was challenging to start; if it did, it would not run for long. After reading all the threads here and elsewhere, this is what cured our problem - it may work for you. I poured six 16-ounce cans of Sea Foam ($8.49 a can at Walmart) into the full 55-gallon gas tank...
  4. H


    Hello, new owner of a 2021 Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EL and love my rig. There are a few things like all new rigs that need to be addressed or repaired, BUT, I did not get a generator with this rig and would like to add one. I have 3acs and huge residential fridge, what size generator are...
  5. J

    How to Lift Heavy Generator?

    We just bought a Honda Eu3000is and are headed out to Montana with our 24 ft pull behind camper. I knew it was heavy but didn't think about the logistics of getting in and out of the truck. I found the portable lifting tool, which is about $100 and thought about ramps. But both of those will...
  6. M

    Problem Generator /ac issue

    We have a 2020 Winnebago Adventurer. We are having an issue running the ac off the generator. After turning on the generator the ac unit will start running but will turn off after a few seconds. We’re have tried each of the ac units separately with the same result. Both units were running before...
  7. G


    Does anyone know on a 2011 mirada does generator slide out or do you have to drop from bottom thanks
  8. L

    Resolved 2004 Dutch Star Generator Access

    Reached out to seller and he informed there is also a "T" handle on left side at firewall that needs to be pulled as well. Recently purchased this MH and I can't pull the generator out to change out the filters; 1190 hours and no record of when last changed. There is no motorized mechanism...
  9. T

    1997 Adventurer, generator not powering coach.

    The mini Onan generator starts up but when not plugged into shore power, the coach only runs off 12 volt, can't run air conditioner, also when unplugged from shore power, the GFCI in the bathroom is tripped and it can only be reset when plugged into shore power, as the 97 doesn't have the old...
  10. M

    Suggestions for solar generator

    I was hoping someone could give me good suggestions for a solar panel generator for my RV. I'm looking to spend 3 to $500. I understand that that will not run my whole RV. I'm basically looking for something to run my bedroom at night. I do not want to use my gas generator. It's really loud. But...
  11. W

    Jackery Solar Generator/power unit

    Does anyone have one? Any thoughts?